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Video: The Longhorns "Battle for the Belt" competitions are not for the faint of heart

For (at least) the past three weeks of the summer, Texas has been competing in what they've dubbed "The Battle for the Belts" where they embrace competitions to help take their off season workouts to the next level before fall camp starts up.

During the first week of competition, Longhorns strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer told the players, "We're going to get tired. We're going to get knocked out. Who's going to compete when it's time to compete."

That's what these Battle for the Belts are all about, and after taking a look at their week three competition, it's clear that they mean business.

Take a look at these guys (who are in the prime of their lives) pour everything they have into one of these battles, in the prime of their lives, battle mono-e-mono to row 500 meters, then push a 2x4 across the turf, then walk with heavy kettlebells for 50 yards, carry the heavy bag 25 yards, and then try to toss a ball into the net from about 25 yards out. If they don't make it to the net in two tries, it's back to the rowing machine for 200 meters, and the first to finish wins the belt.

These guys give it everything they've got, and are gassed midway through, making that throw pretty damn tough.

See for yourself.