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Video: Texas A&M DC John Chavis gives emotional "blood, sweat and tears" speech before Alabama game

Before Texas A&M's tilt with Alabama this past weekend, an emotionally charged John Chavis addressed the team, with the theme blood, sweat and tears from former Florida A&M coach Jake Gaither as his inspiration.

"A long time ago, a great coach at Florida A&M talked about what football was all about - blood, sweat, and tears. He got famous, and they did a great job at Florida A&M because they all believed in that theory...blood, sweat and tears."

"HEY! They may make you bleed a little bit today, but YA KNOW WHAT!? We're going to make them bleed more. We're going to make them bleed more, and yeah we're going to sweat because we're going to stress ourselves on every play."

Then Chief got amped up talking about tears.

"Now, let me tell you about tears. I'M EMOTIONAL! AND I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR IT. If I get mad, I cry. If I get mad, I cry. If I get filled with joy, I cry. Aggies, there is nothing you can do to make me mad tonight. Just go make me cry like a baby with tears of joy."

To add some background on the origins of the story, at Florida A&M, Gaither established three different starting lineups because he had stockpiled so much talent and then nicknamed them each "blood, sweat, and tears." Gaither passed away in 1994, and led the Rattlers to a 93-7-1 mark during a 10-year period spanning 1953-62. He was an impressive 203-36-4 overall leading the program from 1945-1969.

As we all know now, the Aggies came up short against the Tide with College GameDay in town, falling by a score of 33-14.