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Texas districts are getting creative to lure new coaching hires

Offering everything from free BBQ, fishing trips, and discounted golf, Texas high school coaches and athletic directors are thinking outside the box to fill positions on their staff mid-summer.

Typically, at this point of the summer off season, most programs have a full coaching staff in place as the season inches closer.

However, for whatever reason, this year a lot of coaches are entering the summer with a spot or two on staff yet to be filled. Our High School Scoop page has been busier than normal with job postings and coaching moves still happening daily.

With a lot of districts struggling to find teachers in the midst of a national teacher shortage, Texas districts are finding themselves in a difficult spot because in order to coach in The Lone Star State you also have to coach in the district.

While most states allow "community coaches" or "walk-on coaches"  who have jobs outside the district, that's not the case in Texas.

So to fill their open coaching jobs, Texas head coaches and athletic directors are thinking outside the box while trying to differentiate themselves, offering everything from free BBQ or meals, to weekends free of meetings with free fishing trips, to major discounts on golf.

KTXS12 recently did a story on it. Check it out.