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A Texas HS program is getting its own version of Hard Knocks

Eight years ago, not many people outside of Parker County, Texas, were aware of the Aledo High School football program. Sure, they had one state title. But in a state that's been playing high school football since Columbus landed in the Caribbean and awards 12 state championships a year.

Then Aledo won another one. And another. And another.

Less than a decade later, this quasi-rural, quasi-suburban town to the west of Fort Worth turned its one state title into six and announced itself as the next great high school football power in Texas.

But as the team's fortunes changed, the program entered into a state of willful denial about its standing within the high school football stratosphere.

As one current player says, "We're never the biggest, never the strongest, the fastest, but we're the baddest dudes around."

This is the same school that won a district game 91-0 a few years ago and, oh by the way, just happened to receive a 6-foot-7, 320-pound offensive line transfer from California.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram will produce a show focusing on this plucky group of underdogs in a series entitled "Titletown, TX." Check out the trailer below.