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Official: Texas, Oklahoma accept SEC invites, become league's 15th and 16th members

The biggest realignment move in recent memory is now official.

It is done. 

In all reality, the deed was done as soon as we first learned about it last Wednesday, but now it's done done. 

SEC presidents and chancellors unanimously voted to extend invitations to the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas on Thursday evening, and on Friday morning those invitations were accepted. 

Officially, the move won't happen before July 1, 2025, but all parties believe the moves will happen sooner (pun intended) than later, with a target date of the 2022 football campaign.

Texas's meeting was done and complete in 20 minutes.

“Today’s action by the Board of Regents is in the best interests of UT student athletes, the UT Austin athletics program overall, and the university. This move ensures a strong future for an outstanding athletics program, providing the opportunity for our student athletes to compete at the highest levels," UT system president James B. Milliken said.

Oklahoma's meeting was much longer, as president Joseph Harroz spelled out in chapter and verse why the school is leaving the Big 12. In short, staying put would've meant falling behind.

Inside the SEC, there are two obvious next steps:

1) When does the move happen, and how much does it cost Texas and OU to get out of the Big 12's grant of rights?

2) How does the league re-structure itself. Are the divisions adjusted or scrapped altogether?

Outside the SEC, the questions are innumerable and the ramifications of this move will be incalculable. 

With Texas and OU now officially SEC-bound, it's game on for everyone else.