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Texas A&M has produced a hype video for its holder

College football's answer to the Oscars airs tonight on ESPN, and one of the most anticipated statues given out will be the Mortell Award.

Dating all the way back to last year, the Mortell Award is humbly named after Peter Mortell, a former Minnesota holder who invented an award honoring his great work at one the game's most under-appreciated positions. Mortell has since taken his talents beyond college football, and the winner of the second annual Mortell Award will be either Texas A&m's Conner McQueen, Memphis' Evan Michael or Michigan's Garrett Moores.

To campaign for the award that runs a close second to the Heisman in terms of prestige, Texas A&M has produced this hype video for McQueen.

Can't hold him down.@Conner_McQueen is up for the

Mortell Holder of the Year Award will be announced Thursday night.

Who do you think will win?#McQueenHOTY#MichaelHOTY#MooresHOTY

— Peter Mortell (@PMortell1) December 5, 2016

">@PMortell1 Holder of the Year Award. Show support by tweeting #McQueenHOTY!

— AggieFBLife (@aggiefblife) December 7, 2016

With just a matter of hours left in the voting, the race is truly neck and neck between McQueen and Moores as of this writing.