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Texas A&M takes you behind the scenes of the work that went into their alternates, and it's ridiculous


As fans of college football, we're all guilty of getting excited and drooling over the latest uniform trend or shiny new helmet, but rarely do you get a peek into all the work that goes into the finished on the field product.

In their latest "The Pulse" episode, Texas A&M takes you behind the scenes as they prepare their chrome helmets for their game against Mississippi State, and the preparation is borderline ridiculous.

So ridiculous in fact, that in order to keep the new shiny lids a secret, equipment manager Matt Watson outsourced the work to his actual house to keep the helmets themselves completely under wraps. Bringing the work home certainly had its advantages, as Watson was able to employ the help of his boys with odd jobs to help make the workload easier on the rest of his staff.

To get the job done, the equipment guys formed an assembly line throughout the house to handle applying the decals and facemasks before they were all taken out to the garage, where they were then put in bags to keep hidden from prying eyes all the way up until they were placed in players' lockers in Starkville for the big reveal.

This video will give you a newfound appreciation for those alternate uniforms/helmets you see on game day.