Spring games have taken on added importance in the past decade or so — fueled by the arrivals of Bill Callahan at Nebraska and Nick Saban at Alabama — but they still are what they are: glorified practices in half-full stadiums.

Texas Tech found a way around that by moving its Red and Black Game off-campus. The Red Raiders visited the Dallas Cowboys’ new practice facility The Star in Frisco — a practice facility that happens to be a 12,000-seat domed facility. I wanted to take my Red Raider wife and the kids to the game, but the game was sold out by the time we looked into tickets.

Definitely a good problem to have for your spring game.

Texas Tech provided this all-access look at Saturday here.

It also featured a pair of young Red Raiders fans who got to spend the day with the team — and score a touchdown! — courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Friend of the site Max Olson also followed Kliff Kingsbury around for the day to profile his transition from an offensive-focued head coach to a CEO.

“I hope I’m able to make sure they understand I’ve got (the defense’s) back,” Kingsbury said. “When you’re over there with the offense all the time, always game-planning and always coaching offense and always talking trash to the defense, I think it may help not to be in that role, to show, ‘I’m with y’all as well.'”

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