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Texas Tech and Oklahoma State both broke out new uniforms for Thursday's game

Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are opening their Big 12 schedules in a Thursday night affair in Stillwater, and both programs marked the occasion with never-before-seen uniforms.

Texas Tech wore hand-painted chrome lids with an exaggerated masked rider logo that looked like it was about to take flight:

Texas Tech1
Texas Tech2
Texas Tech 3

Oklahoma State countered with its traditional all black uniforms topped by an orange chrome helmet with an exploded Pistol Pete decal.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.09.12 PM

Combined, they created a match that looked really good, or really stinkin' terrible (depending on your perspective) with no in between.

As always, Twitter weighed in with its always-positive thoughts:

(HT @Uniformswag)