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Texas Tech's run to the men's basketball national championship included a cell phone ban

Before a road game earlier this year, a Texas Tech men's basketball player and team captain, made an interesting, yet puzzling, suggestion - how about banning cell phones starting the night before the game?

According to an article published by TIME, the idea was to help players lock in on the task at hand, and head coach Chris Beard had started the ball rolling with a ban on cell phones on team building events like team dinners and a team retreat lasting for two days.

So starting with that road game at Oklahoma, cell phones were collected by a team manager every night before the team's home games and during every night of their games they spent on the road for away games and put them a giant bag.

So, how did it work? The Red Raiders managed to rattle off wins in 14 of their next 16 games, losing just once before eventually falling in overtime in the national title game to a tough Virginia squad.

While some of the guys took the ban better than others, but in the article a number of players share how it has changed their perspective and has affected everything from their sleep habits to how they focus leading up to games.

It's an interesting idea I can't help but wonder how it may work at the high school level. Collect phones for the bus ride over for away games in an effort to get kids to lock in mentally...or does the idea that players don't get to listen to music that helps get them in the right state of mind lead to more complaints than it's worth? I don't know that answer, but it's intriguing nonetheless.

Head here to read the full piece from TIME, including comments from players.