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Thad Matta says a rival coach was telling recruits he was dying

We all have our negative recruiting stories, but I'm not sure anyone tops -- or bottoms? -- this one shared by Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta.

Now in his 13th season in Columbus, Matta has taken the Buckeyes to two Final Fours and five Sweet 16s while battling persistent back issues, compounded by a botched surgery that left him with drop foot.

That's an issue, to be sure, but not life threatening. But that's not what a rival coach told a recruit, according to Matta.

"Somebody told a recruit I was dying," Matta said. "Swear to god. Not that my foot didn’t lift, but that I was going to die. It’s a tough business I’m in here."

Anybody got a negative recruiting story that can beat that one?