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The 3 people that can never have a bad practice if you want to have a great program

Despite the differences from sport to sport, coaches in different sports have a lot more in common than we do differences, which is why many of us enjoy learning just as much from from baseball or basketball coaches as we do from our fellow football brethren.

In what appears to be a post game presser after a game against Tulsa (perhaps last season) Houston basketball coach Kelvin Sampson

"The to any team is your senior leadership. They have to buy in. And who is your best player? Your best player has to buy in."

"There are three people that can never have a bad practice; the head coach, the point guard, and the best player. Those three people cannot have bad practices. That is the only way that you are going to have a great program."

"A lot of schools have good teams. But a great program is consistently good because the best players and the point guards buy into the head coach's vision."

I've never heard it put that way, but Sampson brings up an excellent point for programs seeking consistent success.

Here is the question I have for coaches reading this. Who replaces the point guard if we're to use this in football?

I would imagine that answer changes from program to program and coach to coach. The logical answer would be quarterback for offensive guys. Or is it your center or go-to guy on offense that happens to be your running back or a wide receiver? Would it be your middle linebacker on defense? Your free safety?

See the full comments from Sampson below, and let me know who that "point guard" is for you via Twitter @CoachSamz.