5 personalities that bring down a position room

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Managing the personalities in a position room can turn a good group into a great group on the field (and off the field). Mismanaging the personalities (or simply looking the other way and hoping they will manage themselves) often allows the opposite to transpire, leading to failure to thrive.

Allow the great LeCharles Bentley to describe 5 personalities that can bring down an offensive line room.

The offensive line room is notorious for possessing some of the most unique personalities on any given team. The personalities that round out an o-line meeting room range from potential Rhodes Scholars to aspiring Hells Angels. It’s a legitimate reflection of the society we live in. There’s a seat for the white country kid from Iowa, the Polynesian that speaks little English, the black inner-city kid from Chicago, and everything in between. It’s the one place where what you are means little in comparison to what you can do.

Just as with any community, there are people that move the needle on making things better for everyone, while there are others that move the needle closer to serving their selfish interests. The latter is a dangerous phenomenon inside of an offensive line room, because the whole is only as strong as the collective mindset. When there are individuals that don’t add value to the whole, they can’t help but damage the collective well being. This is the best and worst aspect of offensive line play. It’s easy to be good alone, but it’s another beast to be great together. This requires synergy, and synergy requires buy in.

Bentley has a good read on each of these 5. We have extracted one sentence from each; but go read the full article:

  1. Mr. Know it All - This person pretends to know everything because they are highly insecure.
  2. Mr. Negative - This player is the person that turns everyday into a chore, when it should be a blessing.
  3. Mr. Training Room - Strangely, this guy is always dealing with an ailment when it’s conditioning, practice, and training.
  4. Mr. Gossip - The gossip that will discuss other people’s private business will discuss yours.
  5. Mr. Allergic to Weight Room - When you hear a player or group of players say, “Oh, why are you doing extra?”, take note, you just met cowards.

Bentley's full article is an excellent read with far more information than we summarized above. Go, read.