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The Arizona Rattlers halftime show went full Semi-Pro by featuring a dancing lineman


Remember the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, where Ferrell served as the player, coach, and proud promoter of the Flint Tropics semi-professional basketball team and every halftime included choreographed dances or stunts from him and his team?

Well the Arena League's Arizona Rattlers appeared to take a page out of the movie's playbook when their halftime show started with a typical dance routine by the Sidewinder dance crew, before it was interrupted by a guy in full pads with moves that would make Patrick Swayze's character from Dirty Dancing jealous.

Play the video and wait until jump forward to around the 45 second mark to enjoy those moves.

Not to burst your bubble, but come to find out, the mystery dancer isn't a Rattler's player at all, but rather a professional dancer named Oscar Hernandez trapped inside of a lineman's body who just happens to know just what the crowd wants.

I know, I know...I was bummed too.

(H/T SBNation)