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The Bengals are getting new uniforms

As someone who went to a high school that had Tigers for our mascot, I can confidently say that there are a lot of cool ideas out there to use stripes for football uniforms that not enough teams utilize.

The Bengals went over a decade (1968-81) with a boring, but traditional look with "BENGALS" simply spelled out out on the side of their helmet before they decided to embrace the stripes. In 1981 they rolled out an orange helmet with black stripes for the first time, ushering in a new era of creative helmet design for the franchise.

After winning just four games in each of the 1978 and 1979 seasons and then six wins in. 1980, the striped helmets helped breathe life into the team as they went 12-4 and locked in home field advantage throughout the playoffs en route to their first Super Bowl appearance.

In 1986, the team rode the wave of good momentum that the stripes ushered in by adding stripes to the shoulders of their uniforms and sides of the pants and that has been the look that they've adjusted over the years in a variety of different ways.

Well today, the Bengals announced that they'll be revealing some new uniforms this spring with a special teaser video.

The video didn't reveal any hints as to what might be in store when the final reveal comes around, but it does recap the evolution of the team's uniforms over the years worn by some of the biggest figures in the franchise's history before the video closes with:


It will be fun to see what kind of creativity the Bengals come up with, and hopefully they take note of what teams like Memphis have been able to do while having some fun with the stripes.