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The case (and methodology) for scripting your plays with Virginia State (D-II) OC Toriano Morgan

To wrap up the second week of the FootballScoop Online Clinic, Virginia State (D-II) offensive coordinator Toriano Morgan joined us to make a case for scripting plays for game day.

Every offensive coordinator has his own way of doing things on game day, and during the week during game prep. For Morgan that process includes scripting 20 plays for games.

In his clinic presentation, coach Morgan walks us through why he believes in it, what it looks like, what kind of situations prompt him to leave the script, and why he's evolved to the point of scripting plays as a college play caller.

A few of my favorite things I picked up from coach Morgan:

  • The case for scripting your plays
  • The role that anxiety plays in being a play caller, and how scripting helps to alleviate that
  • What role the rest of the staff plays in the plays chosen for the script
  • How many different formations should be used in those first 20 plays
  • A great analogy to explain why you should be using motions and shifts - "Motion causes emotion."
  • How to tie in coverage and blitz tendencies to go alongside your calls
  • A way to script your 3rd and short and other situations
  • How he handles scripting (and practicing) an overtime script

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Check out our conversation with coach Morgan below.