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The Cleveland Browns have rolled out their new uniforms


ESPN Cleveland

Today is the day that Cleveland Browns fans have had marked on their calendars for weeks now - the day that the team's new uniforms are unveiled to the public.

A month or so ago, when the Browns revealed their new helmet and logo, hardly anyone noticed any real differences. In fact, everyone (including the team here at The Scoop) was so underwhelmed that we titled the article Cleveland Browns unveil the most uneventful logo change in NFL history.

The same can't be said for their uniform changes, and that's a good thing - unless your a traditionalist Browns fan I suppose - because nothing is more frustrating / disappointing than an anticlimactic uniform change.

Team president Alec Scheiner said via the Browns Twitter profile earlier today that the new uniforms "had to be different" and that "you won't mistake them for the old uniforms."

And from the looks of it, he's absolutely right. Gone are the super-traditional uniforms and in its place are nine different color combinations highlighting the franchise's traditional colors of brown, orange, and white. There were rumors of a fourth color throughout the day today, but those sadly had nothing to them.

What you see below are the result of two years of planning, and months of secrecy (well except for that accidental store leak). The initial Twitter reaction is mixed between "pretty dope" and "looks like something from the Madden create a uni feature".

What are your thoughts?