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The Cowboys Club is the crown jewel of Jerry Jones' new playground

We've previously shared the opulent and non-football details of the Dallas Cowboys' new headquarters The Star, set to open later this year, but the latest aspect may be the most extravagant yet.

The $1 billion Jerry Jones Shrine will feature the "Cowboys Club," a first of its kind (the Cowboys already have their own golf club) that will meld the swanky country club experience with the quest to win Super Bowls. Details via Curbed:

One side of club will overlook The Star's two outdoor practice fields while the other side looks out at the 50-yard line of the center's 12,000-seat indoor stadium. The club will also have three bars, dining rooms, meeting rooms, pool tables, and a private rooftop swimming pool.

Members will gain access to a series of members-only events featuring talks with coaches and players that get into the nitty gritty of team operations, strategy, and draft picks. Membership also includes access to the team's 60,000-square-foot fitness center where players and cheerleaders train.

Memberships -- which sold out in January -- run a not-as-pricey-as-expected $350 a month on top of a $4,000 initiation fee.

Easy as it is to make fun of a team that hasn't sniffed a Super Bowl in 20 years doing everything it can to make its football operations as much of a circus as possible, I have to admit few things like a better way to spend an afternoon than walking across a Brazilian wormwood floor with adult beverage in hand to watch the Cowboys practice from my exclusive and expertly decorated perch.

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