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The curious case of Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin grew up in Boise, went to high school in Boise, played quarterback at Boise State.

After one season coaching at Eastern Oregon, Harsin returned to Boise as a graduate assistant.

He then moved up to coach tight ends when Chris Petersen as offensive coordinator.

When Petersen took over a head coach, Harsin became his offensive coordinator, a position Harsin held for five seasons.

As one of the hottest coordinators in the land, Texas offered him "Texas kind of money" to come take over play calling duties in Austin. He was there two seasons; before being offered the head coaching job at Arkansas State. Where he coached the 2013 season.

Following that 2013 season, Chris Petersen accepted the opportunity to become head coach at the University of Washington. Alas, what would appear to be Harsin's dream job was open; and Boise came calling.

On December 11, 2013 Bryan Harsin was named head coach at Boise State University. This had to have been one of the best days of his life.

Harsin, over the past six seasons, has won 63 games leading the Broncos. He's on the top of his world, right? How happy he must be.

Well, that's why it feels a bit curious to see reports that Missouri seems to think they might be able to hire him away. Why it felt odd to us when sources told us he had interviewed with Arkansas. Why would he take these interviews?

At Boise, Harsin reportedly makes approximately $1.75 million to $2 million per year. If he wins 8 games in a season (which he has all six seasons he has been head coach), his contract automatically extends another year. He currently is under contract through Jan 2025.

SEC head coaches routinely make over $3 million and many over $4 million. If things fall just right and Arkansas gets in a panic, who knows how much they might offer Harsin to come back to Arkansas (this time to The University of).

After six years does he simply feel it's time to move on? Is he feeling under appreciated? Is he just testing the market to demonstrate to Boise State leadership what he is worth on the free market? Is he recognizing that if he were to accept a $4 million per year contract elsewhere he could make $20 million in five years and move back to Boise to live happily ever after? Is something else going on?

We just don't know; but seeing his name in connection with other searches sure does make one curious.

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