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The #DailyDose: The FootballScoop staff offer their stances on satellite camps


Penn State, Michigan, and (most recently) Nebraska have announced their plans to head to warmer weather to work at a satellite camp, effectively jumping through an NCAA loophole that has SEC coaches like Nick Saban a little peeved.

Today we thought we'd stay with the satellite camp theme and ask; If you were in charge of college football for a day, what's your stance on satellite camps?

Scott (@FootballScoop): Coaches have to play within the rules, and the rules currently allow satellite camps. I have no issue with that as long as the rule stays on the books. Now, should that rule exist in the first place? That's another question entirely. There is going to be cost involved, and if that's how some staff choose to do it then so be it.

Doug (@CoachSamz): Whether it's in practice planning, on the field with schemes, or in recruiting, it's in every coaches nature to find a competitive edge, and that's exactly what the staffs who are taking advantage of working satellite camps are doing in my opinion.

I may be in the minority, but I think that the problem actually lies in the SEC's rule that doesn't allow their coaches to do the same. If they want to go to Detroit, or State College, or Philadelphia to work a camp, then by all means, allow them the freedom to do that. I think coaches in the South are more concerned with losing their edge with recruits to schools up north than anything else when it comes to this particular rule.

Zach (@Zach_Barnett): It says something about the power of the SEC that this is even an issue. What would happen if the roles were reversed and the SEC could camp wherever they wanted while the Big Ten kept its staffs on their campuses? I can tell you exactly what the national conversation would be: "Here's yet another example of the SEC being step ahead while the Big Ten is resting on its laurels." Now the shoe is on the other foot and it's a national identity crisis.

As I wrote earlier today, I think everyone should be allowed to camp wherever they want. Let kids who can't afford to travel to Ann Arbor or State College (or Tuscaloosa!) wait for Michigan and Penn State (or Alabama!) come to them. It allows kids to make more informed decisions on schools recruiting them, and it lets schools gather more information on kids they may be recruiting. Furthermore, I would allow camps all throughout June and July. If a head coach wants to work his staff to death by sending them on a nationwide, two-month tour, let him.