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The #DailyDose: Which college coach would you want as your UFC cage fight partner?


Today's #DailyDose question for the FootballScoop staff: What college coach (head coach or assistant) would you choose as your tag team partner in a UFC cage fight?

We thought about adding strength coaches in the pool of guys to choose from, but we ultimately decided against that because some of them could legitimately decapitate someone, and nobody wants that.

This one prompted some interesting thought processes from Scott, Zach and I.

Scott's choice (@FootballScoop): Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp


When Doug first posed this question to me, Alabama offensive line coach Mario Cristobal immediately came to mind. He's strong, intense, loud and has a mean streak somewhere inside him. No brainer right? Well, I'm going unorthodox here. I'm actually going about 150 miles east over to Auburn and calling on new defensive coordinator Will #Boom Muschamp to be my partner.

Will's gonna hit you first and have a great plan of attack; but it won't be until you've bloodied him a bit until we see the real, inner war child of Will Muschamp show up in the ring. At this point, be it Cristobal or any potential challenger, Boom is gonna find a way to win. In my mind, the match ends with Will reverse suplexing some dude into a world of hurt.

Doug's choice (@CoachSamz): Boston College head coach Steve Addazio


First of all let's start with the mustache and build because it's the perfect template for an old school WWF wrestler meant to be sporting a singlet and high laced boots - and hey - that has to count for something. Secondly, I just get the feeling that Addazio would get in the ring with the same hard-nosed, smash mouth approach that he brings to football, and that's going to suit him well in the cage.

Really what 85% of this comes down to is an intimidation factor, and I'd hate to be entering the cage knowing that Addazio would enjoy ripping me limb from limb, so I want him on my side to tag in at my leisure to inflict great bodily harm on our opponents.

I also considered Penn State head coach James Franklin and Western Michigan head coach PJ Fleck (because they could probably both smooth talk the opponents into waving the white flag without breaking a sweat) and Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp (because he has some glares- like this one, or this one - capable of forcing people into submission).

Zach's choice: Texas head coach Charlie Strong



Strong is not a tall man, which I view as an advantage for two reasons. First, he'll have leverage over every opponent he faces. Second, have you seen the man? He's as thick as he is tall.

When I tap myself out and him in - which, make no mistake, will happen the moment the bell rings - I'll simply remind him to get his opponent on the ground and then place his his five core values all over his cranium.