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The Dallas Cowboys' new mega-complex is either the best or worst thing to happen to football

The Star

Credit: NBC DFW

This summer, the Dallas Cowboys will move into their new practice facility and team headquarters in the north Dallas suburb of Frisco. Similar to how AT&T Stadium redefined the modern stadium experience, the new facility should change expectations for NFL team facilities.

The new 91-acre complex holding the team's 510,000-square foot offices and training facilities is known as The Star. But not just The Star -- it's The Ford Center at The Star.

While you're at The Ford Center at The Star, they can take a stroll down The Star Boulevard and have a gander at the Dr. Pepper Walk of Honor. Across Cowboys Way sits a 50-yard field with four interactive displays topped by video boards, which can be found in the Tostitos Championship Plaza. When music acts play in the Tostitos Championship Plaza, they'll be playing on The Pepsi Stage.

Come this fall, those interested can see their favorite acts at the Pepsi Stage in the Tostitos Championship Plaza at The Ford Center at The Star.

But wait, there's more!

The Cowboys partnered with 24-Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov to create Cowboys Fit center, featuring "Cowboys-themed workouts" that allow fans to "train with their favorite players*." In the mood to shop? Peruse the 2,000-square foot Nike store within Cowboys Fit. Once you've purchased your new shoes, take them for a spin on the Nike jogging trail. Thirsty? Swing by the Gatorade Sport Science Institute. Hungry? Dairy Max will stock the Cowboys' training table.

While you're killing time between your Nike jog Pepsi Stage in the Tostitos Championship Plaza at The Ford Center at The Star, take a stroll through the Lincoln Concept Showroom, the Fans United apparel store, or the Texas Lottery area, which will highlight the lottery's role in Texas' C-minus rated education system.

Of course, the centerpiece of the billion-dollar complex is the Star itself, a domed, 12,000-seat practice facility that, in an admittedly cool gesture, will open its doors with a quadruple-header featuring all eight of Frisco's high schools. Standout players from those games will be featured as Whataburger Friday Night Stars.

Look, the irony of a post complaining about the infringement in sponsorship in sports on a sports website supported by sponsors and advertisers is not lost on me. But it shows, days after the Rams completed a move to Los Angeles centered around a billion-plus dollar stadium project, where the NFL's priorities lie. Take it from the man himself:

“People either love us or hate us, but the most important thing is to be relevant,” Jerry Jones told the New York Timesearlier this month. “It’s not enough to just build a building, put a sign up and open the door.”

The Cowboys, a team that recently completed its 20th straight season without so much as reaching the NFC championship game, are no longer a football team that happens to dabble in big business. They're a big business that dabbles in football. And business is really, really good.

(via The Dallas Morning News)