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The details in a successful gap scheme double team with Rice offensive line coach Sanders Davis

If you've patiently been waiting for some power run game talk via the FootballScoop Online Clinic, today is your lucky today.

Rice offensive line coach Sanders Davis joined us today to talk about power and how they teach their double teams in gap schemes.

Coach Davis takes us through the footwork, aiming points, and finer points of their post man and drive man on their gap scheme combo blocks, and some of the issues they've encountered in teaching their doubles this way.

A few other notable things I picked up from Sanders' talk.

  • The advantage of shoulder / flipper blocking as opposed to using hands
  • The daily drills they use
  • How often tight ends come down with the offensive line to work double team technique
  • How coach Sanders got his big break into college football started with a DVD and a tweet

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Catch the full clinic from coach Sanders below.