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The difference between practice mistakes and practice problems

New Memphis offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey explains when mistakes become problems in practice.

Before leaving Marshall for Memphis, Tim Cramsey had coordinated some of the best offenses in the country during his four seasons leading the Thundering Herd offense.

Cramsey is a veteran coordinator of the college ranks, holding play calling responsibilities at a total of seven stops, including Memphis and Marshall. 

Spring practices at different programs have provided unique new challenges for Cramsey as he looks to install his offensive system. 

Now a handful of practices into spring practices at Memphis, Cramsey is navigating another install and after practice earlier this week he opened up by explaining how he differentiates between practice mistakes and practices problems. 

"Our goal going into the spring, and every spring I've been a part of, especially this spring, is that the mistakes that we make on day one need to be fixed day two."

"We are going to make new mistakes on day two that need to be fixed by day three."

"I told them that when you make a mistake in practice, that is an issue. It's not a problem until that mistake shows up the next practice as well."

"I think we've done a great job of fixing the mistakes that we made, fixing those, creating new ones, and that's how you get better a little bit at a time."

Hear more from Cramsey in the clip.