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The Florida State staff found a creative way to show their players how much practice matters

Mistakes are unavoidable in any game, especially an opener. Doubly so when the opener of a new coaching regime, and triply so when that new staff is coaching its first game played amid a pandemic with no spring practices and a choppy at best training camp.

So the Florida State staff had no trouble picking out mistakes in the Seminoles' 16-13 loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday.

To cut down on future mistakes, the Florida State staff did something creative.

"We went and showed our guys after the game mistakes we made in practice and the exact same play that we did in the game, made the exact same mistake -- identical. So we made a cut-up and actually showed them that," Seminoles offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham said this week.

This attacks the problem on two fronts. First, it corrects a mistake that carried over from the practice field to game day. Second, it helps cut down future mistakes by proving that what happens on one field carries over to the other.

"I think they had a sense of emphasis today that, man, preparation is key," Dillingham said. "If we want to go be productive on Saturday, we have to prepare like that. I felt that sense of urgency."

Florida State has two weeks to cut down on those mistakes before facing No. 17 Miami on Sept. 26 (7:30 p.m. ET, ABC).

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