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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

All the best schemes, wrinkles, packages, and X's and O's from the past weekend in one place.

Dig in, and find something that will help your team get better.

An interesting look at Tom Brady's pre-snap communication

Good look at how a teammate helps Von Miller record a sack

Interesting defensive package from the Broncos

Great Verticals concept off of Jet motion from the Rams

Boot RPO off of stretch from the Rams

Beautiful screen from the Jags. Watch those offensive lineman get out and lead the way

Nice double shift from Vanderbilt

Penn State with the Power Read Toss Pass

You can't play this any better that Da'Shawn Hand of Alabama does here

Nice sprint draw play from Virginia Tech

Beautiful Bang Post RPO from OK State

Little Jet Pop Pass from Princeton

UNC with an interesting wrinkle to power

Beautifully executed read play from the Cheifs down on the goal line