The weekly edition of the #SchemeVault is live with some great defensive stuff, some trickeration, and some really good red zone stuff and other wrinkles to enjoy.

A ton of credit goes to the guys who take the time to put together these clips and point these out to the coaching community each week, many of which I come across and highlight in the #SchemeVault.

There’s clips from offense, defense, and even special teams this week, so there’s something for everyone.

First and foremost, we have to watch this sick fake punt from North Texas again

Nice pressure package from Arizona State

Nice man-beater from the Vikings

Lots going on here in what turns out to be a TE tunnel from Fresno State in their win over UCLA

Great red zone wrinkle for pattern-match / “banjo” teams

Minnesota’s answer for GT Counter Read

Using 4i’s is increasingly popular among defensive coaches, so here’s one answer

Interesting sprint out with a shovel option to the RB

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