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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

The latest batch of head coaches in the NFL (especially the offensive-minded guys) have ushered in an era of creativity in the league I don't think we've ever witnessed.

Throw in some of the best minds from college and you'll find today's #SchemeVault to be loaded with some of the best that the top minds in football have to offer.

A great fake rub from the Raiders

Houston using one of their top pass rushers creatively

Switch concept to the boundary for Denver

Colorado with a nicely designed jet wrap

Good breakdown of a few RPOs from a Bears offense that is really rolling

So many special teams guys are going to steal this from the Saints

I am not exaggerating how much I am in love with this play design from the Ravens. So. In. Love.

More from the Bears where they put two quarterbacks behind center to really mess with the defense

Breaking down Penn State's tackle wrap

Some good, old fashioned, trickeration from Troy

Crazy formation. Even crazier catch

Great middle screen design from Oklahoma vs. a box with zero linebackers

Wham drawn up against every defensive scheme

Penn State RPO with a center fold

Michigan running a nice version of down

Great verticals concept in the red zone