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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

Another week of the #SchemeVault illustrates the creativity of some of the most innovative minds in football from high school, to college, and the NFL continues to impress me with their outside-the-box approach.

Let's dig in.

This successful onside in a high school game is unreal!

Wheaton (D-III - IL) putting their own spin on a play that has been featured a number of different ways, from a number of different teams in past weeks on the #SchemeVault

Unbalanced set from the Chiefs that would make Stanford jealous...and they run play action out of it

Eagles getting this staple from the Gus Malzahn playbook

Pistol counter from Clemson where they pull the center

Kansas running a swinging gate fake punt here?

Iowa got real creative on fourth down to punch it in

Double pass trickeration from the Giants

This reverse is OK, but that block from QB Cam Newton is incredible

Good look at how the Chargers are using one of the most versatile players in the NFL

Nice cover 6 beater from the Bengals

Swing one way, QB counter the other, from Oklahoma in the Red River Rivlary