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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

Welcome back to the #SchemeVault, where you'll find some of the top schemes, ideas, and trick plays that were either run, or shared, over the weekend.

  • This two point play from the Bears to tie the game at 17 has everyone talking. We seem to recall the Bucs running the same play years &
    years ago...
  • Nice read play from the Cowboys, and Dak sells it great with a deep ride into the line
  • Nice play design on 3rd and seven from the Panthers
  • Oregon dialed up this nice jet play action pass against Wazzu

(which then prompted a response from Mike Leach himself)

  • Really nice play action screen design from Michigan State
  • Interesting look at Saban's coverage checks to trips
  • Little shift by Houston to set up a nice trick play
  • A good look at some of Boston College's pressures that gave Virginia Tech issues
  • TCU with some nice trickeration vs. WVU
  • Influence WHAM from the Browns
  • Keep an eye on the tight end to the bottom of the screen for Maryland