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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

Tons of great scheme stuff being shared across Twitter this weekend, which is perfect for this week's #SchemeVault.

Let's get into it, and hopefully you can find something you can pick up and implement to be better this week than you were last week, or at least an idea to put on the back burner for the future you like.

  • Really informative sit down with UCF coordinators breaking down schemes on both sides of the ball after their 51-23 drubbing of Cincinnati

"AK gets the credit, but I could run through THAT hole."

Coach Walters gives the O-Line credit as the Coordinators are back in UCFilm Room!

— UCF Football (@UCF_Football) October 13, 2017

  • Nice quarterback lead power play in the red zone from TCU
  • Play action pass from Indianapolis in the red zone
  • Really interesting quads concept from the Seahawks here
  • Great play action design from the Saints
  • This is how Chip Kelly prefferred to run the mesh staple of the pass game
  • For those RPO fans out there, here's one from the Eagles off their Buck Sweep
  • Quality look at how the Chiefs took a college run game staple and brought it to the NFL
  • The old halfback pass from the Bears, and the RB throws an absolute DIME!
  • Penn State running an insert zone with the H on the MLB
  • The Broncos get their TE involved with back to back wheel routes
  • Great wrinkle from the Titans
  • Oklahoma running some read counter with orbit motion and screen to the field

*Special thanks to everyone putting these clips, and clips like it together. If you see something worth sharing, let me know at or via Twitter @CoachSamz.