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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

Penn State, Oklahoma State, Baylor and a host of other programs ran some great stuff this weekend.

Check out some of the best schemes, wrinkles, RPOs, and formations that the attention of me, and other coaches over the weekend.

Penn State ran this smash-fade concept a number of times against Michigan for huge chunks

Oklahoma running a read sweep with the offensive line zone blocking the opposite way

Nice 11 personnel running scheme from Oklahoma State

Baylor with a wheel off stretch play action

This may not be a certain play, but a look at Kirk Cousins's hand drawn passing schemes is a wormhole of good stuff

Great wrinkle to the TE wheel here from the Cheifs

Purdue ran a fake flea flicker over the weekend for big yards

Great lead reverse from Notre Dame utilizing TE motion

Nice look at how the Houston Texans are utilizing the Jet sweep

Interesting play and formation design from Duke

Really nice RPO design from OK State

In case you missed it, Penn State used a simple shift to get the ball in the hands of their stud running back a few times against Michigan

Good view here of how Alabama runs their midline