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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

This week's #SchemeVault has a distinct defensive flavor to it, but also has those great goal line, RPO, and trick plays you've come to expect.

DM me via Twitter any great scheme stuff you happen to come across that you want to see in next week's #SchemeVault @CoachSamz.

This reverse from the Panthers is a thing of beauty

Not exactly an innovative design here, but when you split your QB out, and your WR drops a dime...

A new #SchemeVault installment wouldn't be complete without some defensive stuff from Saban

Nice bunch concept to the short side of the field from the Vikings

Nice misdirection counter from Oregon here

Traingle coverage from the Lions diagrammed and explained

One way Alabama defends the pass out of trips

Nice misdirection from Penn State inside the five

Great and effective wrinkle to the mesh concept

A lot going on to the three wide receiver side here