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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

With the NFL and college football seasons now underway, it's time to revive the first weekly installment of the FootballScoop #SchemeVault.

The #SchemeVault is a place where we will recap some of the top schemes and play designs and execution on offense, defense, and special teams from some of the brightest coaches in the country. Maybe you find something you can use this week against your opponent, maybe you won't, but at a minimum you'll find yourself entertained.

This is from week one of the college football season, but is worth revisiting - Washington State getting creative, thanks to some help from a Microsoft engineer Leach has researching innovative offensive ideas.

THE BEARS CAME OUT IN THE WING T...and Chris Collinsworth thought it was groundbreaking stuff.

This is some next level stuff from Andy Reid and his staff

West Virginia's 2-man stick concept

Ole MIss running GT counter with a pop screen by the #1 WR

A new creative way to sub in defensive lineman, courtesy of Kentucky Wesleyan

Nice counter trey concept operating from the triple option

Coach Hatcher finds a creative way to open up passing lanes in the middle of the field against Florida State

This toss read concept, in the same family as the popular power read, is popping up everywhere

Scott Frost and his staff spicing up QB Dart with a swing

For the defensive guys, courtesy of the Patriots

This one a staple from the Vikings

There is no limit to Andy Reid's creativity. Here's some triple option

Another great play diagram on how New England beat Houston's bunch coverage check