Three weeks in the books and we’re beginning to be able to make some sense of where this season is headed, right? Umm, don’t answer that yet.

This year we plan to offer up a FootballScoop Top 25 each week. We’ll give you our insight and opinions and we’ll see where this takes us. Hey, if the College Football Playoff committee can do it…

Now, without further adieu here’s how we see it.

 Rank Team Previous Week Result  Comments 
#1 florida-state.60 #1  Off Clemson (who also had an off week) comes to town Saturday.
#2  oregon.60 #2  Beat Wyoming 48-14 Craig Bohl had his team ready to play; but Oregon is simply too much right now.
#3  texas-am.60 #3  Beat Rice 38-10 Handled business.
#4  oklahoma.60 #4  Beat Tennessee 34-10 Played a good football game.
#5  alabama.60 #5  Beat Southern Miss 52-12 Handled business.
#6  baylor.60  #7  Beat Buffalo Handled business.
#7  auburn.60  #8  Off
#8  lsu.60 #10  Beat Louisiana Monroe 31-0 Handled business.
#9  notre-dame.60 #9  Beat Purdue 30-14 Purdue gave ND some trouble (as has been the case in recent years).
#10  stanford.60  #12  Beat Army 35-0 Handled business.
#11  michigan-state.60  #13  Off
#12  ole-miss.60  #15  Beat Louisiana Lafayette 56-15 Big win for the Rebs.
#13  georgia.60  #6  Lost at South Carolina 38-35 Had chances, just didn’t get the Win.
#14  penn-state.60  #18  Beat Rutgers 13-10 Doing enough to win without a full compliment of players. Do they have enough to run through the #B1G?
#15  byu.120  #25  Beat Houston 33-25 An interesting team to keep an eye on. Schedule has plenty of potential pitfalls.
#16  arizona-state.60  #14  Beat Colorado  QB Taylor Kelly is hurt (and it didn’t look like he thought he’d be returning anytime soon). That’s not good.
#17  oklahoma-state.60  #17  Beat UTSA 43-13 Beat a solid football team.
#18  ucla.60  #19  Beat Texas 20-17 Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! Great short term story. Can Mora and co. pull it all together?
#19  Missouri-Tigers-logo  NR  Beat UCF 38-10  Defensive line is nasty (and well coached).
#20  Arizona-60  #21  Beat Nevada 35-28  Beat a good Nevada team; but Rich Rod’s team needs to continue to improve.
#21  nebraska.60  #22  Beat Fresno State 55-19  Fresno isn’t having a very good season; but Nebraska played well and earned the win.
#22  clemson.60  #23  Off  Big one at Florida State this upcoming weekend.
#23  west-virginia.60  NR  Beat Maryland 40-37  Unpredictable…kinda like Holgo.
#24  mississippi-state.120 NR Beat South Alabama 35-3  State has done what they needed to. The real season begins this weekend when they travel to LSU.
#25  pittsburgh.60  #25  Beat FIU 42-25  Pitt didn’t bring their A-game. Looking ahead to Iowa game maybe?

Deserving mention: Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Boise State, NIU, Utah, Florida, South Carolina

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