Georgia’s “The Georgia Way” is a little bit of everything. It’s not a hype video, and not quite a recruiting video either, let’s call it a heritage video. It’s a piece of art – and I’m not using that word ironically – that can be equally appreciated by a 16-year-old recruit, a 20-year-old sorority member, and a 53-year-old alum. Which, of course, is the entire point. 

“Unity is a process, and here we’re proud of that. It’s what drives us. It’s the heartbeat of an entire nation. A sea of red and black, and that special time of year where all roads lead back home,” the narrator says. “Companionship is a reward that can only be achieved as a community, as a team, as a family, and you don’t need to strap on a helmet just to be a part of it because no matter where you are, no matter how far you go, a piece of you will always be here.”


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