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The highest-paid quarterbacks coaches in college football: 2020 edition

It's a rare breed at the college level, quarterbacks coaches who simply... coach quarterbacks. The majority of staffs have the guy who coordinates the offense also coach the quarterbacks, for obvious reasons. But not all of them.

For obvious reasons, quarterbacks coaches do not rake in the cash that their position-specific peers do: They're responsible for one of the 22 players on the field in any given play.

So while these guys are earning the least of their peers in gross income, they're making the most per capita. Good work if you can get it.

Without further ado, the 10 (actually 11) highest-paid quarterbacks coaches in college football.

1. Ken O'Keefe, Iowa -- $625,000
2. Brandon Streeter, Clemson -- $590,000
3. Bush Hamdan, Missouri -- $550,000
4. Darin Hinshaw, Kentucky -- $500,000
5. Brian Johnson, Florida -- $451,000
6. Bobby Bentley, South Carolina -- $400,000
6. Dana Bible, UCLA -- $400,000
6. Joel Gordon, Iowa State -- $400,000
9. Mario Verduzco, Nebraska -- $375,000
10. Jason Beck, Virginia -- $350,000
10. Kurt Roper, NC State -- $350,000

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Additional notes:

-- Iowa's O'Keefe was the third-highest paid QBs coach in college football a year ago. Dan Werner and Dave Warner (no relation) are no longer at South Carolina and Michigan State, respectively. O'Keefe

-- Michigan's Ben McDaniels netted a $40,000 raise from 2018 to 2019 and fell out of the top 10.

-- Someone likely to join the top 10: Corey Dennis. Urban's son-in-law was promoted to quarterbacks coach after Mike Yurcich left for Texas. Yurcich was the nation's highest-paid quarterbacks coach (his salary was released after publication of our 2019 article) at $950,000, plus a $400,000 signing bonus. Dennis, promoted from within, won't earn Yurcich money, but I'll bet it's above $350,000.

-- Hamdan also coaches Mizzou's receivers.