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The highest-paid receivers coaches in college football: 2020 edition

We do a good job at this site chronicling the paychecks of college football coaches, but the bulk of that is on a staff-by-staff basis. Beginning last year, we started monitoring the 10 highest-paid position coaches in the sport.

The goal here is to find what the going rate is for the best of the best in the sport. As you'll see over the course of this series, it'll be an event when an entry doesn't come from the SEC or Clemson.

The bulk of the salary information here comes from the USA Todaysalary database. All information is as up-to-date as possible as of press time.

And now, without further ado:

1. Bryan McClendon, South Carolina -- $1 million
2. Billy Gonzales, Florida -- $601,500
3. Dameyune Craig, Texas A&M -- $600,000
4. Bush Hamdan, Missouri -- $550,000
5. Cale Gundy, Oklahoma -- $535,000
6. Darrin Chiaverini, Colorado -- $500,000
7. Dennis Simmons, Oklahoma -- $460,000
8. Tee Martin, Tennessee -- $450,000
8. Derrick Nix, Ole Miss -- $450,000
8. Holmon Wiggins, Alabama -- $450,000

-- Coordinators not included on this list: Josh Gattis, Michigan ($1.1 million); Kasey Dunn, Oklahoma State ($600,000); Gerad Parker, West Virginia ($525,000); Matt Lubick, Nebraska ($500,000).

-- McClendon netted his $1 million salary because he used to be South Carolina's coordinator. That title now belongs to Mike Bobo. So while McClendon didn't get to keep his title, he does get to keep his salary.

-- Gonzales and Gundy both carry co-coordinator titles, though both of their respective head coaches call plays.

-- Martin, also Tennessee's assistant head coach and passing game coordinator, is still getting paid (handsomely) by USC as well. His total compensation is over $1 million.

-- A previous version of this article omitted Bush Hamdan and his $550,000 salary, though he also coaches Mizzou's quarterbacks.

-- Ohio State's Brian Hartline figures to be on this list in 2021. The Buckeyes' receivers were among the best in college football in 2019, and Hartline was named 247Sports's recruiter of the year for the Class of 2020, largely for reeling in 5-star wideouts Julian Fleming and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. At $345,000, Hartline barely missed the list as it is. (It's doubtful Hartline is sweating that $5,000; he earned nearly $19 million as a receiver for the Browns and Dolphins.)

-- Two receivers coaches who could work their way into big raises in the future: LSU's Mickey Joseph ($310,000) and Clemson's Tyler Grisham ($300,000).