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The highest-paid wide receivers coaches in college football: 2021 edition

It says something about the economy of high-level college football that we can look at a list and not see a single wide receivers coach with not a single member above $1 million and only 10 at or above $500,000 and think, "Hmm, this is pretty reasonable."

You can make half a million bucks or more just coaching wide receivers, but you'd better work at a blue blood.

Wide receivers coaches are often responsible for three to four players on the field at a given time and are also expected to be volume recruiters. Additional titles are common, and no one devotes more resources to the position than Oklahoma. The Sooners pay Cale Gundy and Dennis Simmons a combined $1.09 million and, in addition to co-coordinator Bill Bedenbaugh and play-caller Lincoln Riley, Gundy is a co-coordinator and Simmons the passing game coordinator and assistant head coach.

Without further ado, the list:

1. Josh Gattis, Michigan -- $900,000*
2. Kasey Dunn, Oklahoma State -- $800,000*
3. Dameyune Craig, Texas A&M -- $700,000
4. Billy Gonzales, Florida -- $632,000+
5. Cale Gundy, Oklahoma -- $580,000+
6. Darrin Chiaverini, Colorado -- $550,000*
6. Cortez Hankton, Georgia -- $550,000+
6. Brian Hartline, Ohio State -- $550,000
9. Dennis Simmons, Oklahoma -- $510,000+
10. Matt Lubick, Nebraska -- $500,000*
11. Holmon Wiggins, Alabama -- $475,000
12. Justin Stepp, South Carolina -- $460,000
13. Andre Coleman, Texas -- $450,000
13. Ron Dugans, Florida State -- $450,000
13. Derrick Nix, Ole Miss -- $450,000

* - Offensive coordinator
+ - Co-coordinator/passing game coordinator/assistant head coach/recruiting coordinator

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Additional notes:

-- The one Clemson coach you won't see on this list is wideouts coach Tyler Grisham. The poor man of the group, Grisham was promoted to wide receivers coach following four years as an analyst and two as a GA. The Tigers secured his services for the bargain price of $300,000.

-- Though neither has a + title, expect Hartline and Wiggins to gain additional titles and monies soon. Hartline has quickly established himself one of the top recruiters in the game, and Wiggins coached DeVonta Smith to the Heisman Trophy and his entire unit to a national title.

-- Ed Orgeron's investment in the wide receiver position is interesting. DJ Mangas, hired earlier this year as passing game coordinator with wide receivers oversight, signed a 2-year deal at $400,000 per year, and assistant head coach/wide receivers coach Mickey Joseph signed a 2-year deal last year at $407,000 a year.