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The Ivy League will no longer tackle in practice during the regular season

Ivy League Harvard

Ivy League coaches have voted unanimously to stop tackling during practice during the regular season, according to the New York Times. The rule now moves to Ivy League athletics directors, policy committee and university presidents to receive a final stamp of approval.

FootballScoop reached out to an Ivy League staff member who confirmed tackling is still permitted during spring practice and fall camp, though the frequency of such practices -- as they are across the entire landscape -- are declining. The source we spoke with said his team will still "thump" during mid-week practices but will not bring players to the ground.

When and if an all-out, in-season tackling ban is adopted outside the Ivy League depends on whether or not coaches can be convinced it increases the game's safety will not simultaneously handing them a competitive disadvantage.

The Ivy League will not prove much of a guinea pig on the second front. Ivy teams play just three non-conference games and do not partake in the FCS playoffs, meaning they won't prove much of a study on whether an all-out tackling ban affects them on game day. On that front, it would have been interesting to see the Ivy League pick four teams to continue tackling during game week and the other four refrain, then study those results over a season or two.