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The JuCo season is on the verge of moving to the spring

The National Junior College Athletic Association has not yet moved its football season to the spring, but such a move is coming.

The NJCAA released a statement Friday indicating its Presidential Advisory Council are recommending "a majority" of fall competition move to spring 2021. "The organization is finalizing the plans that provide engagement, safety, and regional leadership to support our student-athletes during the fall and spring semesters."

Obviously, junior college programs operate on shoe-string budgets dependent on ticket sales, so springing for extra tests to play games without fans is doubly-cost prohibitive at that level.

The NJCAA is in the process of gathering feedback from each individual regional ahead of a July 13 board of regents meeting, where an official action plan will be decided.

"We must adjust accordingly to support and sustain NJCAA programs, the association as a whole is collectively working to provide the best opportunities to be successful on and off the field for our student-athletes," NJCAA president and CEO Dr. Christopher J. Parker said.


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