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#KansasBlast: 9 coaches, 5 days, 474 high schools


In order to keep your most talented prospects in state, new coaching staffs have to prioritize the building of relationships with the in-state head high school coaches - more commonly referred to as "building a fence around the state" at every introductory press conference. While it's not a new idea, some new coaches execute the game plan better than others.

David Beaty and Kansas are taking that task rather seriously, as the Jayhawk staff started on a 5 day tour of the state yesterday with the goal of hitting all 474 Kansas high schools between the nine members of the coaching staff. By my math, that means the coaches would have to average about 11 schools a day to accomplish what they've set out to do, and that's a pretty large order.

They put together a pretty entertaining Storify page to compile all of their action from the road.

They want fans and recruits to know what town they're raiding, so it looks like they tweet a picture of the school or town landmark when they arrive, as co-defensive coordinator / corners coach Kenny Perry and receivers coach Klint Kubiak both demonstrate here.

Follow the staff's #KansasBlast in detail here on their Storify page. It's pretty entertaining stuff.