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"The latest must-have in the college football facilities arms race is..."


The facilities arms race of college football has become all about adding things to the football facility that no one would have dreamed about 15 years ago.

Think about it.

For example, waterfalls have been one of the latest must-haves that teams have added to their facilities.

Pretty much everything that Oregon and Texas A&M have added to their brand new facilities are going to be the norm moving forward, from A&M's 100 flat screen televisions and "Wow" factor around every corner, to Oregon's modern look that has covered literally everything an 18 year old could ever want. One thing that both the Aggies' and Ducks' facilities have that many, including Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, believe is the newest must-have in the football facility is a barber chair. 

After seeing facilities from the Pac 12 to the SEC, the Big Ten, and Notre Dame, we couldn't agree more.

While Oregon, Texas A&M and Tennessee are just a few of the programs that currently have barber chairs in their facility, on the FootballScoop Spring tour, we learned that Oklahoma State will be adding one soon enough as well.

It's crazy to think what programs might consider a "must-have" in another 15-20 years.