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The legend of Ed Orgeron and energy drinks grows with recent story shared at NFL combine

Over the course of his coaching career, Ed Orgeron has established a unique reputation from his rise from one of the best defensive line coaches in the country to the head coach at LSU. He's long been a relentless top recruiter, his accent is quite unique, and his energy is limitless and fueled by a lot of energy drinks.

Back in May of 2017, Ed Orgeron shared during a radio interview that it wasn't uncommon for him to throw back 8-10 energy drinks per day!

When asked a year or so after those comments, Oregon added that he'd cut back his consumption of energy drinks significantly.

At the podium at the NFL Combine LSU defensive back Greedy Williams shared another story involving coach O and energy drinks that will only add to the legend connecting the two when asked about how many energy drinks he'd seen his head coach pound in a day.

"One time I saw him do something crazy was he walked into a meeting room, slammed a Red Bull on his chest, and that kind of got everyone pumped."

Williams went on to add that the can was unopened, and burst when coach O forcefully smashed it into his chest.

That had to be quite the sight.