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The essence of being an offensive lineman in less than 140 characters


Twitter is an excellent tool, limited only by your imagination and the confinement of 140 characters. However, being limited to 140 characters didn't stop Ohio Northern (D-III) offensive line coach Devin Russell from finding the perfect way to sum up the mission of being an offensive lineman.

It may be back from April, but it's been so popular that it's still making the rounds around Twitter months later. It was actually brought to my attention over the weekend and as a former offensive lineman, it obviously spoke to me.

Offensive line coaches everywhere at every level will enjoy that one, and who knows...maybe this will challenge other position coaches to fit their position's mission statement into 140 character or less and get it circulating. If you feel up to it, send yours to me via @CoachSamz and I'll share it with everyone on this page.

Here are a few more submissions:

Offensive Line: