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The most "DFO" answer ever


I've spent some time around James Franklin and his staff over the past few years. They work hard, they play hard, they are always thinking about what is in the best interests of their program and their players and they almost always have smiles on their faces. It's not easy to do all of this unless you have an excellent support staff.

Having spent plenty of time with Penn State director of football operations Michael Hazel over the years, I can attest that he is truly one of the better guys at his craft. He keeps the wheels greased for the program and keeps everything moving in the right direction. 

Well, this morning I saw this video in which James Franklin went back to his alma mater to speak at graduation. I noticed that Michael Hazel is the one guy who traveled with Franklin. I've got the video below set to play at the relevant mark; but you simply have to see this two minute segment for yourself. Hazel's response to what do you like to do late at night is truly the most "DFO" answer ever. 

Head coaches around the country will laugh at this clip...and then they will think to themselves, "Man, I wish I had a guy like that on my staff."