Apogee Stadium

Beware all who enter, North Texas apparently has the biggest home-field advantage in college football.

Wait, North Texas?

That’s not to say the Mean Green aren’t good at home (they’re an impressive 16-7 since moving into Apogee Stadium in 2011) but, according to a Prediction Machine study via the Wall Street Journal of all FBS programs since 2000, no program has posted a bigger home-road disparity than North Texas. In fact, according to the study, the Mean Green are nearly a full touchdown better at home than on the road.

The Top Ten:
1. North Texas, 5.94 adjusted home field advantage
2. Wisconsin, 5.77
3. Arkansas, 5.66
4. Kansas, 5.66
5. Marshall, 5.2
6. Baylor, 5.18
7. Rice, 5.12
8. Michigan, 4.99
9. Kansas State, 4.96
10. Buffalo, 4.74

The Bottom Ten:
1. Florida State, -0.72
2. Louisiana-Lafayette, -0.57
3. Vanderbilt, -0.41
4. Louisiana-Monroe, -0.27
5. Bowling Green, 0.23
6. Florida International, 0.29
7. Central Michigan, 0.37
8. Virginia Tech, 0.41
9. Texas, 0.51
10. Southern Miss, 0.69

In reality, this study measures a team’s home performance against how it fares on the road, not the difficulty for visitors to win in such environment.

Take heart, Seminoles, Ragin’ Cajuns, Commodores, et al. This really just means you play just as well on the road as at home.

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