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The newest in football TV shows, the Texas 6

It's no secret that America loves tv shows about high school football, even when those that know the game too well complain about the fake hits and the bad plays.

I for one, have had such a love affair with shows like Friday Night Lights that I'm fairly certain the only reason I agreed to date my now fiance is because he looks (and behaves) very similarly to the beloved Coach Taylor.

It was announced this week that CBS All Access will be producing a docuseries called Texas 6. Texas 6 will follow Strawn High School's 6 man team on its pursuit for a third state championship. It will be available on Thanksgiving day. CBS All Access says that the show, "ultimately depicts the spirit of a small town and a team that shows up for one another on and off the field".

6 man football was originally developed during the Great Depression as a way for small and rural high schools to play football. The first ever 6 man game was played in Hebron, Nebraska in 1934. Since then many states with low populations and small towns have continued to play this unique variation of the game. 6 man has become such a staple in Texas that there is now a website dedicated to it that tracks the location of each week's games.

The announcement of the docuseries is particularly interesting right now as some schools across the country have shifted to play 6 man or 8 man football as school enrollment numbers dwindle. Even video games like Madden 21 have expanded to include 6 man games.

Can't wait to watch this series!

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