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The NFL has made an announcement about game film that will make coaching community very happy

The NFL has announced that their Game Pass package is being offered for free through May 31st, 2020.

Game Pass allows for entire games to be watched in under 45 minutes, and includes access to the All-22 coaches film.

From the sounds of the release, the available library isn't limited to just this past season either, as past regular season games, playoff games, and Super Bowls will be available to relive, as well as past episodes of Hard Knocks and A Football Life as well.

Update: All NFL games dating back to 2009 will be available.

With more and more college schemes like the Air Raid influencing today's NFL play callers, complimentary access to coaches film is something that will be welcomed news for coaches and fans everywhere as we all find ourselves with some unexpected time on our hands.

Head here to head over and sign up for your free subscription.