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NFL owners have approved a number of new rules for 2020

A number of proposed rule changes were voted on by NFL owners today, bringing some rule changes for the 2020 season.

According to Albert Breer, and a few other folks covering the changes, the following rules have been passed by NFL owners:

  • Expand injured reserve to allow 3 players to be designated for return. Previous rule allowed for two players
  • Prevent manipulation of the clock with multiple dead ball fouls (like in the Patriots vs. Titans game of 2019)
  • Make permanent auto replay of scoring plays and turnovers
  • Expand defenseless player protections on kickoffs / punts

Breer also adds that the creative onside kick proposal that a lot of folks really liked was voted down by owners and did not pass before adding that "it's possible it comes back to life down the line."

A few notes on other relevant rule changes can be found below.

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